What Is Udemy About

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The demand for online learning and taking courses using the Internet has grown significantly over the last few years. People can learn anything that they want from the comfort of their own home using a computer or a mobile device and a connection to the Internet. What Udemy is about will examine one of the most popular learning platform.

Udemy is growing fast and there are always people looking for training and willing to pay for it. Before launching a course on Udemy , first consider :

  • What is so special about Udemy?
  • Making Money With Udemy
  • Will Udemy Promote your Course?
  • Creating your Udemy Course
  • The Benefits Of Selling On Udemy
  • Earn while You Learn with Udemy
  • How To Earn Monthly Income With Udemy
  • How Udemy’s Student Base Can Be Your Clients

What Is So Special About Udemy?

Udemy is one of the best platforms available to bring students and instructors together. It is now the largest online course platform in the world. Udemy provides the student with all of the support that they need to learn the skills they desire and also supports instructors to create courses and generate income from them.

Anybody can create a Udemy course and make it available to students across the world using the platform. Now Udemy has a student base of more than 20 million from over 190 countries and it provides online courses in over 80 languages.

Making Money With Udemy

You can create an online course and launch it on Udemy free of charge. They will review your course for quality etc but once launched you will then be able to sell it and Udemy will share the revenue with you.

There are a number of different revenue sharing models available with Udemy. If you sell your course directly using your own promotional efforts then you can earn up to 97% of the revenue. If Udemy sells the course for you then you can earn up to 50%. If a Udemy affiliate sells your course then you can earn up to 25% of the revenue.

You can create discount coupons on Udemy as an incentive for people to purchase your course for less. There is even a feature to give the course away for free which is a good promotional tool you can use when your course is new.

Will Udemy Promote Your Course?

Udemy has a number of ways that it can help you to sell your course. They constantly run promotions to their student base and they will guide you on how to optimize your course landing page so that students will find your course using the search facility.

Creating Your Udemy Course

You can get support when creating your course video from Udemy.

There is a great deal of support available from Udemy when it comes to creating your first course. They have a huge knowledge base providing tips and advice on how to create the very best online courses that will sell well on the Udemy platform.

They will tell you what quality your videos need to be and even recommend what equipment you should use for recording. There is advice about how you should layout your course and what you can do to increase student engagement.

Udemy is very strict about quality and offers their instructors a testing feature where they will review a test video clip that you create and make suggestions for improvement. This can be in the area of lighting, sound quality, picture quality and so on.

The bottom line is that even if you have never created an online course before Udemy will help you every step of the way. By using the Udemy platform to launch your courses you can reach a very large student base and make money from your efforts.

Benefits Of Selling On Udemy

If you want to earn a passive income every month from your online courses then there are a number of options available to you when it comes to promoting your courses. One of these is Udemy, which is the largest online course website of them all. In this article we will look at the benefits of selling on Udemy.

Earn While You Learn With Udemy

If you have never sold online courses before then you will need to learn a lot. When you know how Udemy works you will have the opportunity to learn and earn at the same time. The good thing about Udemy is that they will promote your courses for you so that you can focus on creating great courses and interacting with your students.

Udemy has a very logical structure to it and in no time you will understand how to use it and take advantage of it. It is so much easier than setting up your own website and then trying to drive targeted traffic to it to sell your online courses.

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How To Earn Monthly Income With Udemy

If you do things right with Udemy then you can earn money in the first 30 days of being on the platform. Keep doing the right things and you will build up a significant monthly passive income. It is not unusual for people to make a few bucks the first month and then thousands in 6 months.

Using other methods to sell your online course will usually take a lot longer. Usually you have to build a following first and that can take several months. Why bother when your audience is already there on Udemy?

It is the goal of all online marketers to make passive income on a regular basis. The feeling of making money while you are sleeping or doing anything that you want other than working is something that so many aspire to.

But it is not easy to do this particularly if you follow the conventional wisdom of doing everything yourself. It takes a great deal of time and effort to setup a website, an email marketing system and all of the other things that you need to do to build an audience and then sell to them.

Having your own system in place does not mean that you will have a regular monthly income. You need to keep working at it all of the time. You are far more likely to generate a consistent passive income using the Udemy platform.

How Udemy’s Student Base Can Be Your Clients

There are a huge number of students who are willing to purchase courses on Udemy. This is really important as these people are far better prospects then those who have never purchased anything. There is no bigger marketplace in the world for online courses than Udemy.

If you know anything about marketing then you will know that it is much easier to sell to an audience of buyers. Trying to sell to people that have not made a purchase before is a lot harder.

With Udemy you also have the opportunity to capture personal information from your customers as well such as their email address. You can also promote your website by adding your URL to your course slides.

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