What Are PLR Products

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Most people think of PLR, or Private Label Rights content as a convenient way to shortcut the content creation stage. They use PLR for web content or as a product to sell.

This post will examine a few important facts regarding PLR products :

  • Using PLR For Research Purposes
  • Deciphering PLR And Other Resale Rights
  • 3 Disadvantages Of PLR Products – And What To Do About Them
  • 3 Ways To Repurpose PLR


There is another very effective way to use PLR – for research. We’re going to look at some ways you can leverage it this way.

One of the most time-consuming parts of creating content is the research stage, particularly if it’s a topic that you’re not all that familiar with yourself. It can take quite a while to read up on the topic, figure out what the market is looking for and then outline the content itself.

PLR can shortcut this entire process for you, virtually altogether.

You see, when someone writes a PLR package, whether it’s a bunch of articles, a short report, an ebook or something else, they have to do the research themselves. Rather than looking at PLR as a shortcut to content creation, look at it as a shortcut to researching that content.

One thing that should be mentioned here is that this is all based on the assumption that you’re working with high-quality PLR. If you buy a bunch of junky articles, there may not be any real value in them for research purposes either.

You can look at a number of things to use as inspiration for your own original content:

– Table of contents

– The information contained within the PLR

– The layout and structure

If your PLR includes a table of contents, that alone can save you hours by giving you a “ready-to-use” outline for your content. You could take that outline and use it to write your own original content, break it down into pieces that can be delivered over time through a membership site or even use it as the basis for a coaching program.

The information in the PLR is obviously very useful as well, since you can take that information and use it in various other ways, such as web content, email content, infoproducts and so on. This is most useful if you’re writing about a topic you’re not that familiar with personally, since it will all be ready for you to use.

The layout and structure of the PLR is also useful as a research tool. It can help get you started if you’re facing writer’s block, or you can even use it as a way to create a common “look and feel” across different related products.

Deciphering PLR And Other Resale Rights

One of the things that most PLR sellers include with their content packs is a license that tells you exactly what you can and can’t do with the content. These rights are usually pretty straightforward, but they can get a little confusing sometimes. Let’s now  look at a few things you should watch for.

The first thing you’ll want to determine is how and where you can sell and/or give away the PLR product. If there is no restriction on giving it away, you may have a harder time selling it – at least in its original form.

A lot of marketers will use PLR that can be given away as lead generation tools or for building an email list, so it can make it pretty tough for you to sell. This can be overcome fairly easily, however. Just customize the package enough that it isn’t identifiable when compared to the original (new graphics, rewritten sales page, etc.)

Some PLR sellers will also put a minimum selling price clause in their license. Frankly, these clauses don’t really hold any legal weight so you might still find people selling it for less, but for the most part people who buy it will abide by these rules.

Another important aspect of these licenses is what kind of rights can be passed on to your buyers. If you are able to pass along master resale or even private label rights, the product can get saturated pretty quickly.

This is more of a problem in the internet marketing niche, where many of the buyers would turn around and offer it to their own lists if they receive those rights. Ideally, you want to avoid products that let you pass along either master resale rights (MRR) or private label rights (PLR) unless you’re planning to make some changes to it so it’s more unique.

If you’re getting PLR from a monthly membership, check to see if you’re able to continue using it if you cancel your membership. Some of the licenses on these sites only let you use the content as long as you’re a paying member. If that’s the case and you cancel, you would have to stop using or selling the PLR which could be a significant problem.

Most PLR sellers display the rights up front so you can see what you can and can’t do before you buy. If they don’t, it’s always a good idea to check before buying in case there’s a limitation that you’re not comfortable with.

3 Disadvantages Of PLR Products – And What To Do About Them

PLR, or Private Label Rights products are a great way to get content for your websites, products to sell, graphics to use on your sites and various other things. They can save you a lot of time and effort compared to creating your own content from scratch. But there are some disadvantages to PLR content as well. In this article we’re going to look at the three biggest drawbacks :

  • Duplicate Content
  • Low Quality
  • Duplicate Purchases

Duplicate Content

The biggest problem with PLR is the fact that multiple people have the right to use the content as their own. This means that you’ll have competition, whether it’s for getting ranked in Google for articles on your website or selling a PLR ebook.

Some types of competition are more critical than others, particularly web content and getting ranked in the search engines. If a bunch of people all post the same articles to their websites, generally only one of them will get ranked in the search results. The rest will be considered duplicate content.

The easiest way to avoid this problem is to edit the PLR content to make it more unique. Rewrite articles you post on your website, change the graphics, title and other branding for an ebook you’re selling, etc.

Low Quality

Another problem with some PLR is the quality of the content. This one isn’t across the board by any means – there are plenty of PLR providers who offer high quality content – but it can be an issue in some cases. The last thing you want to do is offer something of questionable quality to your audience, whether they’re buying it from you or just reading it on your website.

The solution to this problem is to check the content before you use it. Read through it and make sure it isn’t poorly written and double-check the information itself for accuracy. If it’s in video or audio form, go through it before you use it to be sure the quality is acceptable.

Duplicate Purchases

If you’re selling a PLR product it’s possible that your customers could buy the same thing from two different marketers, particularly if one or both of you rebrand it so it isn’t recognizable as the same thing. This is more of an issue in markets like internet marketing where customers could be on several email lists that all wind up promoting the same thing.

The only real solution to this is to offer a money-back guarantee. If someone buys something from you and it turns out they bought the same thing in one form or another from someone else, you can simply refund their purchase.

3 Ways To Repurpose PLR Content

PLR, or Private Label Rights content can save you a lot of time and effort but if you use it straight out the box you’re leaving money on the table. Here are three simple ways to repurpose PLR content. 

The main reason not to use PLR content in the original format is because everybody else who buys the rights to that content can also use it. So if you use it without changing anything, your content would not be unique. Using the same content means  you’ll have more competition, whether it’s to sell the product or to use it as web content.

If you can repurpose your PLR in a way that makes it unique, you won’t have to worry about that competition – your product will be different than everybody else who bought the rights.

The first way you can recreate a new product using the  PLR is to convert it into a different format entirely. If you have a PLR ebook or report, change it to audio or video content. This can add value to the overall package and it makes it much more effective for both a sellable product and web content, since audio and video will be much less likely to get tagged as duplicate content.

A second effective way to repurpose PLR content is to bundle several complementary packages together into a single larger package. By doing this you’re boosting your content as different  from all the other people who just sell PLR in its original format.

Plus, by bundling several PLR packages into one larger offer, you can sell it for more money and make more profit.

The third method of repurposing PLR is to convert it into a membership or even a coaching program.  Examine your PLR to see if the  topic of the PLR works for a membership or coaching offer. You can deliver the content  over a period of time, by breaking it up into separate modules and that content can form the basis of your membership.

This also works well if you are bundling several PLR packages into a single offer. There’s no reason you couldn’t deliver them on a predefined schedule, with you collecting recurring payments from your members. 

 PLR is a big time saver and it can be much more profitable by just putting a little extra effort to increase the value. Repurposing your PLR doesn’t have to take a lot of time. You would be repaid many times over for the time spent in creating unique products.

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