How To Make Money Working From Home Online

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Being able to make money online working from home has many advantages. One of its benefits is being able to work on one’s own terms. This means that you will be able to give financial contribution for your household. This fact is a key cause for people in between jobs or those who are tired of conventional jobs , to create a home business using the skills they acquired over the years working as an employee.

There are a few things to consider before creating your online home business :

  • Five Tips To Discipline as You Work from Home
  • Top 4 Ways To Make Money Online

Five Tips To Discipline as You Work from Home

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When you tell your friends that you are working from home, they might imagine that you spend your working hours sitting in your PJs at your computer. They may think that this is just another way of saying that you are on a “permanent vacation.” It’s not true ,but you could be proving them right if you have no control over your business day.

One of the biggest disadvantage to working at home is that it may be hard to separate your home and work life. Learning to avoid this takes discipline and a conscious plan for mapping out your daily schedule. Here’s five ways to guide you in creating a disciplined home work environment.

1. Know your personality – Do you have the type of personality that is organized and motivated? Being self motivated is necessary when working for yourself, it makes your home business more manageable that way. If you tend to procrastinate or get easily distracted, a more strict schedule is going to help you keep on task.

2. Choose a time to start work – Leisurely walking over to your computer and sitting down at different times each day doesn’t seem like work at all. Get into the right frame of mind with a definite start and ending time to your work day each day.

3. Separate your work space – Even if it is just a half of a room where you have your home office, avoid filling your work space with anything that is not work related. When you come to this area, you are ready for business and nothing but. Maintain the separation to assist with focusing on the tasks at hand.

4. Take a regular break – In the office, employers are required to give employees 15-minute breaks and a lunch period. Observing this at home can break up the day and more structure to your working hours. Use the break time to attend to small chores, make personal phone calls and rest your brain for a few minutes.

5. Create a task list – When you are sitting at your desk is not the time to decide what you will do that day. The last task for each business day is to create a list of needed tasks for the next day. With a definite list of business goals, you are more likely to stay engaged in business for the required time.

Top 4 Ways To Make Money Online

Now that you have considered how important discipline is needed for a successful home work environment , what can you do to create a home business? Here are a four:


Freelancing is a good idea you can try to create a home income. You can start freelancing part time at first and scale up to full time freelancing as you attract more clients. You can transform hobbies or interests, into a viable income source. For example, do you like designing? You can use a free online tool like Canva to create logos on freelancing platforms such as ,, etc.

Also, you can use your designing skills to create a print on demand business, designing tee shirts and houseware on platforms like Tee Spring, Redbubble, Merch by Amazon, etc. A quick search on freelancing and print on design platforms can show you what current sellers offer and what are the most in demand gigs/products.

Create A Blog

Some people maintain diaries and journals, which is similar to blogging. It is like an online diary or journal, only it contains useful information or entertaining posts for other people. It can still have a personal touch in a way that most readers would be able to relate to. In fact, a personal voice is often the key to selling online.

It will be best to choose and blog about a particular niche or category that one has a lot of knowledge of. Five of the current most profitable niches are :

Once there are enough posts, you as a blogger can apply for a Google Adsense account and earn money through each unique visitor click from the advertisement in your blog. You will receive the payment once your blog earns $100.

There are also many other ways to make money with blogs and create a very viable home business. Affiliate marketing is one example where one earns commissions for buying traffic they send to other sites, like Walmart, eBay, Amazon, Tiger Direct and any one of the thousands of business that offer affiliate programs.

Blogging is one of the cheapest ways to get started with a home business, because all you really need is a hosting account, about $10 a month and a domain name as cheap as $11 per year. For $10 a month you can get hosting and a domain name plus be able to participate in recurring cash bonuses with Global Domains International !

In fact, you can begin completely for free by using any of the popular free blog platforms, such as, Blogger and There are many free online guides on how to get started in blogging, you just have to do some research.

Online Store

You can set up an online store where different products are sold. These products may be either physical or digital products. Of course, this works best for creative people who can create their own products.

For physical products , you can open a dropshipping store on platforms like Shopify. Dropshipping is an order fulfillment method where you don’t need to keep any inventory to sell. When your customer places an order at your online store, a dropshipping supplier ships the order to your customer. With dropshipping , you need to work with reputable suppliers , bad suppliers can damage your reputation with your customers which in turn can affect your business.

Selling Digital products are another way to make money with an online store. Your online store can offer digital products exclusively for sale.

Some of the top in demand digital products are :

  • Educational products: eBooks and online courses
  • Digital templates and tools
  • Membership sites
  • Licenses to use your digital assets
  • Repurposed music and art
  • Private Label Rights products or PLR

You can sell or resell physical products through different websites such as eBay, WordPress with ecommerce plugins like WooCommerce, eBay and Etsy. You can sell digital products on platforms like Payhip, Gumroad, Squarespace , etc.

Affiliate Marketing

People use different products daily and they often purchase these products online. You can sell products by affiliate marketing. To some, affiliate marketing is more of a passive, effortless income which goes with their blog or website.

There are other affiliate companies you can join where you can start for free and scale up to paid memberships. Two of my recommended companies are :


Be Your Own Boss with Worldprofit

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You can work from home and make money online using the business tips provide. Four business ideas presented to build your home income are : freelancing, blogging, an online store and affiliate marketing. Do your research as to what idea or ideas you would like to use.

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