5 Top Ways To Blog Money With PLR

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If you love plr or private label rights content, then one of the best ways to use it to make money is to set up a blog and I’m going to give you 5 ways to profitably use the PLR content as a blogger.

Blog Content

PLR is so convenient when used as a shortcut for creating content for your blog. With just a little editing you can transform  the plr content, put it on your blog, and in no time, you will see your blog filled with content you didn’t even have to create.

You can use articles or even take eBooks and reports and break them up into multiple blog posts. I do recommend that you do at least a little editing. If you use articles for example, the  least change should be  the title and the start of the article to make it unique to you.

Having a blog full of content is key to getting and keeping readers on your blog, so make sure out of all the options I’m giving you here that you at least use this one. It’s just too easy not to use!

Lead Magnets

Create Lead Magnets With PLR To Collect Leads For Your Business!

In marketing we have always heard that money is in the list. So if you’re not building a list with your blogging efforts,  you’re missing out on a very profitable income stream. This is  because having a list allows you to email your readers anytime you want , like  content updates, promotions for your own products, or even promotions for things you’re an affiliate for.

Lead magnets are the best way to build your list with your blog. Lead magnets are free offers that are related to things your audience is interested in. They should be things that make your audience really want them and be willing to join your email list to get them.Things like reports, ebooks, checklists, cheatsheets, videos tutorials, etc are all great options for lead magnets. You can easily create these using PLR content.

Once you have your lead magnet created you can give them away via opt-in forms on your blog. Have one in your sidebar on your blog, as a pop-up, and/or within your content. Having multiple lead magnets on different topics related to your niche can also help you get even more people on your list.

Peruse the plr you currently have  and see what you can create to start building your list right now.

Your Own Products

A high profit way to monetize your blog is by using it to sell your own products. When you use PLR content you can quickly and easily create products that you can sell to your audience.

Once you have created  one product  and are ready for sale then immediately start on your next product. Keep repeating this process for a different income stream for every product created. Before you know it you’ll have your own product empire selling and being promoted straight from your blog!

Bonus Products

Just like the option above you can use PLR content to create bonus products too. You can give these away to your blog readers to build your relationship with them or give them to people who buy through your affiliate links.

Bonus products can be used in many ways and by using PLR content you’re using a big shortcut to using a powerful strategy!

Promotional Content

As a blogger you would promote different things from your blog. Things you would promote would be your blog posts,your lead magnets, products, bonuses, etc. You can use PLR content to create these promotions too.

Many times, you’ll find PLR to social media graphics that you can use to promote things from your blog. But you can also use videos you get the PLR to as promotional tools, and even snippets of text from things that you have the PLR to. Also you can also get PLR to all kinds of types of emails like welcome sequences, promotional sequences, relationship building sequences, etc.

I encourage you to look through the PLR you have and see how you can use it for promotions of the things on your blog. Also, do a Google search and see what social media graphics, videos, and emails that you can get the PLR to that you can use as promotional content. Get creative when it comes to promotions!


The 5 ways that I’ve presented  here should keep you busy for a long time. As a blogger there are always things you need to be doing. From creating content to promoting things and everything in between.

My advice to you if you don’t already have a blog is to get one setup and first focus on filling it with good content.  Examine the PLR content that you currently have stored on your computer and/or buy PLR content, go through it all, do your editing and get it posted to your blog. 

PLR Content

Remember that there is no such thing as too much content. You should have a goal of 20 posts from the plr on hand. Once you have some good content on your blog then make sure you add your lead magnets so as soon as traffic starts hitting your blog you can start building your list.

 Lastly, start promoting your content. You can use paid advertising, social media marketing, or anything else you want to use. As time goes on you can come back and use some of the other options presented here. 

If you already have blogs take a look at your blog, take a look at the PLR content you have or that you can buy, and see what you need to implement from the options I’ve given you. Do you have lead magnets that are building your list? If not, then I suggest that you get those created right away. Do you need more content? Then comb through that PLR and start adding a lot of fresh content to your blog. Do you have products that are making you money? If not then use PLR content and create your first product to sell from your blog. You can use all the options I’ve given you here, but start with the one you need the most, and then move on to the rest.

There are many other options when it comes to making money from PLR content as a blogger, but these are the most important ones.

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So pick up some extra PLR and then pick an option today and go get started!

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