What SaleHoo is All About

SaleHoo is one of the largest whole directories on the internet and one of the first to offer international wholesale contacts.

What SaleHoo is all about will examine the following :

  • Who owns SaleHoo
  • What type of business is SaleHoo
  • What products that SaleHoo offers
  • Where does the products come from

Who owns SaleHoo

SaleHoo was founded in 2005 by cofounders Simon Slade and Mark Ling in Christchurch , New Zealand. The two founded the ecommerce company with $500 each along with funds borrowed from friends and relatives. The company which now employs 45 persons, grew to 10,000 members just eight months after its creation and currently serves over 100,000 retailers and eBay sellers, primarily in the US, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

What type of business is SaleHoo

SaleHoo is a powerful research tool, supplier directory and online community for dropshippers, wholesalers and ecommerce stores.

What products does SaleHoo offer?

SaleHoo offers three different products :

  • SaleHoo Directory
  • SaleHoo Dropship
  • SaleHoo Educate

SaleHoo Directory

SaleHoo Directory : Users get access to the industry-leading directory, packed with 8,000+ suppliers. They also get access to the Market Research Lab, which helps them choose the best products to sell. This is SaleHoo’s highest converting offer and suitable for anyone running an eCommerce business that wants better access to suppliers.

SaleHoo Directory is the ideal product for customers who sell on eBay/Amazon, online stores and small businesses that are looking for trusted dropship and wholesale suppliers. The Directory contains 8,000 suppliers and 1.6 million products.

SaleHoo Dropship

SaleHoo Dropship: Users can automate their dropship store. SaleHoo Dropship lets them add trending products from AliExpress to their Shopify store in minutes. It’s the simplest, smartest way to dropship.

SaleHoo Dropship is a brand new dropship automation tool for Shopify store owners.

With SaleHoo Dropship, store owners can now:

  • Have direct access to high quality, low cost dropship supplier,
  • One click import high-profit dropshipping products to their store,
  • Have full control on pricing and shipping for all products
  • And more…

SaleHoo Educate

SaleHoo Educate : Users will learn from the experts. SaleHoo’s exclusive ecommerce training videos teach them how to build a successful online store using Shopify, Amazon, eBay and more.

SaleHoo Educate is a new premium education platform where entrepreneurs can access in-depth courses, taught by eCommerce experts, on how to build, launch and grow a successful online business.

With SaleHoo Educate, entrepreneurs get a real-world eCommerce education. SaleHoo Educate customers can follow along step-by-step as our expert tutors show you exactly how to create an online store from scratch, using real case studies.

Where do the products come from?

SaleHoo uses Chinese suppliers for the products that their retailer members sell online. There are four reasons to use SaleHoo Directory :

  • SaleHoo is a secret tool for finding Chinese suppliers that you can trust.
  • Before a supplier is added to their directory, they must go through a stringent verification process, proving that they can be trusted and are real.
  • There are also user reviews, so you can choose to only deal with suppliers that have passed both SaleHoo’s test and have good user reviews.
  • SaleHoo ensures that their customers feel secure and safe when dealing with Chinese imports.

In Concluding

SaleHoo is the ecommerce powerhouse with over 15 years experience that provides their retail members with great products like SaleHoo Directory, SaleHoo Dropship and SaleHoo Educate. SaleHoo wants you to succeed with your business and helps with specialized ecommerce training. SaleHoo verifies dropship suppliers to ensure a happy customer experience by both retailers and wholesalers.

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